LIL'G Cloth Diapers

 LIL’G Cloth Diaper

GG memperkenalkan Lil'G diaper cover untuk bayi baru lahir hingga berat 8kg. Sesuai dipakai utk baby yang baru lahir sebab jika nak terus pakaikan jenis One Size Diaper akan nampak bulky dan tendency utk bocor sangat tinggi memandangkan peha(thigh) baby yg baru lahir kecil dan kurus. Lil G diaper cover hadir beserta dengan soaker  juga.

【Brand】Gee Gallery
【Package】Diaper Cover+ 1 soaker (top layer stay dry fleece)
【Additional Insert】RM10/soaker
【Outer】Polyester PUL

【Available Color】

Lite Yellow

 Fuschia Pink

True red 

• size for any age of baby weight 3kg to 8kg 
• Velcro closure
• Star dry and Super absorbent soaker
• Soft inner FLEECE to make baby feel good 
• Waterproof of outer PUL to prevent leakage 
• Made of 100% Polyster
• This product is a washable, adjustable, economic use of the baby green diapers.

Grab our promo now

3pcs  Lil G diaper cover with 3pcs soaker
at only RM90
and get FREE 1set washable liner (worth RM25)


Cooler Bag: Posh

Posh Cooler Bag with *FREE Gift*
by Autumnz

Retail Price: RM55.90
Our Price: RM49.90

Henna Grey
Botanic Blue 

 Henna Pink Brown 


 Marine Blue


 English Rose

FREE Autumnz Air Dry Mesh Bag to store and to air dry your breastpump parts and bottles after washing. Convenient to be used for air drying your breastfeeding gears when you are away from the comfort of your own home.
This space saver cooler bag is thoughtfully designed to be flexible enough for both work and outing purposes. With the aim of all-in-one (store bottles/storage bags and breastpumps in one single cooler bag), this bag suits the needs of breastfeeding mothers who are after a compact yet sleek combo.
Carry your breastmilk in style by using the 2-way carrying method  that his bag allows - hand carry,shoulder sling
A well-structured bag that is truly functional. Definitely a great companion as you embark on your breastfeeding journey. A small investment that goes a long way.
  • Holds  up to 8 standard neck bottles measuring 5 oz 
  • Holds up to 8 bags of filled Autumnz Double Ziplock Breastmilk Storage Bags (7oz each)
  • 2 separate compartments - bottom compartment to store your breastmilk, ice gel and the top compartment to store your breastpump*
  • Spacious room to fit breast pump spare parts
  • Wide opening when unzipped giving easy and spacious access to the interior
  • Fully insulated inner (with padding) to keep breastmilk cooler for a longer time
  • High quality waterproof and dirt-resistant outer layer making it durable and easily maintained (wipe with a damp cloth)
  • Durable zippers with stylish buckles that give a touch of sophistication
  • Comes with a sturdy hand carry handle - for hand carry
  • Comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder sling strap - or adjust to the smallest setting for hand sling
  • Comes with a handy and spacious zippered back pocket for storing your bits and bobs securely
  • Size - 24cm (W) x 27cm (H) x13cm (D)
  • Tested to keep breastmilk chilled for up to 14 hours (under normal room temperature) with 3 pcs of Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack
* Advised to keep electric breastpumps separate from milk, i.e. in the 2 separate compartments available to avoid unnecessary contact with liquid.

Cooler Bag: Awesome Mom

Cooler Bag: Awesome Mom
by Jingle Jungle

Market Price: RM69.90
Our Price: RM55.90 free gift 5pcs breastmilk storage bags



Plum In Black

This is really an awesome and classy cooler bag to accompany you to your workplace and almost everywhere. 

It is the matching cooler bag which we design to go with our Awesome Mom breastfeeding bag and of course it's good on its own as mentioned above OR with our Celebrity breastfeeding bag. 

It offers hand carry and shoulder sling carry options. The top compartment is good to keep all your breastpump parts - even the electrical parts! No one will suspect that you're carrying around your breastpump or precious milk until they accidentally touch on the bag which is cold at the bottom compartment. 

It holds 6 storage bottles and 3 icepacks. 

The bag is very well insulated and your precious breastmilk will be kept safe for more than 12 hours, when use with good quality icepacks


Kelly Padded Nursing Bra

Kelly Padded Nursing Bra

Pre Order: 
2nd batch (3rd September 2013 - 11th September 2013)
Stock received: 14th September 2013

Kindly send your order to : including your contact number.
thank you & have a nice day :)

Retail Price: RM39.90
Pre order Price: RM28.90 (you'll save RM11.00)

Please read:

Sizing Guide


* Measure around your ribcage, directly under the bust 

For an even number, add 4 to gain your band size. 
(e.g. measurement = 32 + 4 = band size 36) 

For an odd number, add 5 to find your band size.
 (e.g. measurement of 33 + 5 = band size 38)


* Measure completely around the bust at the fullest point 

* Each inch of difference between this measurement and your BAND size = cup size.(i.e.: If your band size is 34" and your bust measurement is 36", you wear a "B" cup.) 

Please refer to below: 

Up to 1" larger: A
Up to 2" larger: B
Up to 3" larger: C
Up to 4" larger: D
Up to 5" larger: DD

Sizes: 34B, 34C, 34D, 36B, 36C, 36D, 38B, 38C, 38D, 38DD, 40D, 40DD, 40F
(kindly confirm with us for available sizes)

Kelly Padded Nursing Bra : Black Petals


Pempem Cloth Diapers

(click on the image to enlarge picture)
Available design: Guitar, Awan, Tree, Fish, Tribal, Perca & Orange Stripey


Product Details

Brand: Pempen
Brand Origin: Made in Indonesia
Type of diapers: One Size Pocket diapers
Each pocket diapers comes with 1pc microfiber insert (3 layers fabric)
Closure : Velcro (pelekat) 
Size: Can be adjust to Small, Medium dan Large setting
Suitable for:  approximately 4.5kg-16kg baby
Inner (Lapisan Dalam): Suede Cloth (lembut dan boleh kena direct to baby's skin)
Outer (Lapisan Luar) : Printed PUL (sejenis fabrik yg kalis air untuk menahan kebocoran)

Price: RM39.00/pc (not include postage)

Package Price: 

2pcs pempen cloth diapers : RM75.00
Postage : RM6.00 WM | RM10.00 EM

5pcs pempem cloth diapers : RM180.00
Postage : RM9.00 WM | RM15.00 EM

If you are interested to purchase, kindly send your order to:

or kindly fill in the order form on the right column of the site.

If you are newbie in cloth diapering, here are few reference, hopefully this might help

What is cloth diapers? (apa itu cloth diapers)

Benefit of using cloth diapers:

How many cloth diapers do you need?

Cloth diapers are suitable for working mom

How to use Pocket cloth diapers:

How to wash your new and used cloth diapers:


Little Tikes: Pillow Racer

Little Tikes: Pillow Racers

Price: RM150.00 (not include postage)

Little Tikes Pillow Racer:
- Lady Bug
- Dino
- Turtle
- Unicorn


Nursing Blouse


Price: RM49.00/pc
2XL/3XL/4XL add RM5.00


Rumble Tuff: Serene Express Duo (Twin Valve) Double Breastpump

Brand New Rumble Tuff Breastpump VERSI TERBARU (NEW VERSION) Pada Harga Runtuh!

Rumble Tuff: Serene Express Duo (Twin Valve) Double Breastpump

Versi Terbaru?
Ya, versi terbaru (market price RM599.00) dengan double valve, suction lebih kuat dan lebih senyap, berbanding versi lama (market price RM569.00)

10 Sebab Kenapa Rumble Tuff  Serene Express Duo Sebagai Pilihan Pump Anda
  • Ringan (berat motor ~ 0.35kg shj), muat utk masuk dalam handbag, jadi mudah utk di bawa ke mana-mana
  • Tiubnya boleh diubah suai samada mahu buat single pam jika mengepam sambil anak menyusu atau double pump (sesuai ketika bekerja)
  • Boleh convert electric kepada manual dan sebaliknya
  • Portable, sebab boleh menggunakan bateri jadi boleh pump di dalam kereta waktu travel
  • Harga yang berbaloi berbanding pump yang seangkatan
  • Ada warranty 1 tahun
  • Bilangan parts yang sedikit jadi mudah untuk pasang 
  • Ada LCD display yang user friendly (display screen akan menunjukkan bahawa anda dalam stimulation mode atau pumping mode)
  •  Corong pump mcm ada cushion, jadi during pumping takde sakit sangat
  • Kurang risiko susu termasuk pam berikutan susun atur valvenya

Apa lagi yang best...?
- Memory Alarm yang akan mengingatkan kita waktu pam yang seterusnya
- Memory yang menyimpan favourite mode pengepaman anda

Apa kata mereka yang telah menggunakan Rumble Tuff Electric Breast pump Duo..

"Koleksi barang kesayangan yang terbaru Rumble tuff duo breast pump. Boleh digunakan secara elektrik, bateri  mahupun manual 3 in 1. cuma bila convert ke manual tak sebest macam Avent. Motor die pun tak besar dan tak berat. Dari segi bunyi pulak tak tau nak comment bising ke idak Tapi takde lah irritating sangat ...kira ok lah dan Yang paling penting harganya yang murah." ~ Siti Raudhah~

Lagi review...

Nak dpt harga runtuh? Kindly send your detail, name and contact no. to : 

Beli dengan kami, anda bukan saja dapat pump tapi anda juga dapat FREE Postage ke Semenanjung dan Free 25pcs breastmilk storage bag

Ada lagi yang best....
Kami nak beri hadiah berbaloi- baloi untuk mereka yang mahukan pump ini dengan lebih penjimatan dengan pembelian berpakej berikut:

Breastpump Mini Package :
With this package, you will receive:

1) 1 unit of Rumble Tuff - Duo Electric Breast Pump 

2) 12 bottles of Jingle Jungle breastmilk storage (worth RM59.80)

3) 25pcs of Jingle Jungle breastmilk storage plastic bags and (worth RM12.90)

Breastpump Standard Package :

With this package, you will receive:  

1) 1 unit of Rumble Tuff - Duo Electric Breast Pump set

2) 10 bottles of Jingle Jungle breastmilk storage (worth RM41.50)

3) 3pcs Ice pack (RM15.90)

4) RM10 voucher to shop at Little Precious Garden x 1 (RM10.00)

5) 1 Autumnz/Jingle Jungle Cooler Bag 

Breastpump Combo Package :
With this package, you will receive:

1) 1 unit of Rumble Tuff - Duo Electric Breast Pump

2) 1 set of Breastfeeding supplement for 1 months by Shaklee (worth RM80)

3) 1 set of Jingle Jungle breastmilk storage solutions set which consists of 1 Elegante Mom multifunctional (breastpump) bag, 1 Elegante Mom cooler bag, 6 bottles and 3 icepacks 

(worth RM119.90)

Stok adalah terhad, preorder sekarang sebelum terlambat, emailkan pada kami detail anda:

Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump designed to focus on 7 Key Areas to address breastfeeding mother's pumping needs. 


Time is valuable to a breastfeeding working mother. Thus Rumble Tuff breast pump is designed with high efficiency vacuum and it is fine tuned to achieve a more effective vacuum power and time interval for both Stimulation and Expression cycle. 

Easy To Use

Rumble Tuff Breast Pump functions control is simplified to less than 3 steps. Mother can control the functions easily. Besides, the memory function allow your to set your pumping pattern making your pumping session relaxing and enjoyable.


This duo breast pump allows mother to control the vacuum power through the Vacuum Adjustment Wheel. Mother can tune it to the vacuum level the feel most comfortable. Furthermore, the Silicon Shield provides extra comfort if mother has engorgement or sensitive breast


Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump itself without accessories is weight at 350grams (0.35kg). It comes with Manual-Pump Diaphragm kit allowing mother to convert into manual pumping in case of electricity power failure or other power options are absented.

Lower Noise Level

This breast pump has a lower Noise Level compare to some Major Brands at its same range and technology; without sacrificing the pumping efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Rumble Tuff has more than 10 years of business experiences. They appreciate the trust customers place on their hand to benefit customers' precious baby. Rumble Tuff uses the best and safest materials to produce their breast pump and tested every breast pump before it leaves their factory. Rest Assured, the materials used are BPA-FREE.

Choices Of Life

Rumble Tuff understands that their customers come from all walk of life. Thus, the breast pump they designed ensure mothers are able to use it in different kind of environments such as working, traveling, shopping or at home. The breast pump size is small, weight is light, power options either AC adapter or AA Battery (4 x AA Batteries - Battery Not Included When Your Purchase); the choice is always yours.

Items available in the breast pump box

Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump Motor (~0.35kg) x 1
Expression Collection (Breast Shield Set) x 2
Manual Diaphragm (Convert To Manual Pump) x 1
Bottle Adapter Kit x 2
AC Adapter x 1
Tubing with duo adapter x 1
Valve And O-Ring x 2
Non Woven Bag x 1
Rumble Tuff User Manual x 1



TERMA & SYARAT Pembelian

Semua item yang dijual di Little Precious Garden adalah brand new dan ready stock kecuali dinyatakan sebaliknya.

Pesanan: Untuk pesanan, sila isi borang order form di sebelah atas kanan blog atau nyatakan
Nama Penuh:
No. Tel:
Detail Item:
(jenis item mommies minati, saiz, kuantiti)
dan hantarkan kepada

Harga: Semua harga tidak termasuk kos penghantaran kecuali dinyatakan.

Item: Penghantaran akan terus dibuat pada hari bekerja seterusnya setelah pembayaran disahkan serta stok order juga disahkan..

Kami memberi jaminan 100% kepuasan pelanggan bahawa barangan yang di hantar adalah bebas dari sebarang kerosakan semasa penghantaran barangan dibuat. Kami menerima pemulangan barangan dari pelanggan yang dihantar semula kepada kami 3 hari dari tarikh anda menerima barangan dan tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat berikut :

  • Kesilapan penghantaran barangan atau barangan rosak (bukan disebabkan oleh proses penghantaran pos) dan
  • Barangan dipulangkan kepada kami sebagaimana keadaan asal barangan tersebut

Kami akan memulangkan semula wang anda 100% beserta dengan kos menghantar balik (melalui pos) kepada kami jika terbukti kesilapan berpunca dari pihak kami dan memenuhi syarat-syarat diatas. Anda boleh memulangkan barangan tersebut ke alamat kami.

(Barangan yang tidak rosak dan tiada kesilapan semasa penghantaran adalah tidak boleh dipulangkan semula)

All sales are final. Goods sold are not exchangeable or refundable.

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