Autumnz Electric Steam Steriliser

Autumnz - Electric Steam Steriliser

To sterilise bottles, teats, dummies, breast pumps and other feeding accessories quickly and easily

Why buy a steriliser? 
Whether you are bottle-feeding or expressing breastmilk, it is must to keep equipment and your baby's bottles clean and safe. Sterilising helps to protect your baby against germs and infection. A steriliser is a unit that allows you to do that job quickly and easily. Harmful bacteria grow quickly in milk.

Retail Price: RM129.90
Our Price: RM115.00 only

Fast - Contents are sterile and ready to use in 8 minutes
Easy to use - Just add water, load and switch on
Safe - BPA free
Convenient - Contents remain sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened
Effective sterilisation- Based on hospital principle, the intensive heat of the steam eliminates harmful bacteria
Large capacity- Holds up to 6 big bottles or 2 sets of breastpumps 


Keep out of reach of children at all times
Be warned that the hot water in and the steam from the steriliser can cause severe burns and scalding. Please take precautions at all times.
Contents: 1 unit of Autumnz Electric Steam Steriliser, 1 unit of Tongs

Warranty: 1 Year

*Pls read the enclosed User & Safety Guide before using this product*


Ring Sling

Ring Sling

This Baby slings enables parents to have their hands free, while they look trendy at the same time. It is easier to carry your baby without having any aching with your hands, with this baby slings also you don't need to bring your stroller along while you doing your shopping/outing.
It is safe, comfortable and easy to use.

Price: RM99.90/pc


Weegro Applique All In Two (AI2) Diaper

Quick Dry Diaper Cover Style
Weegro Applique is Back

Price: RM33/set

Now Only : RM27/set
with 1 soaker set (1pc suede socks + 1pc microfiber insert) 

Brand: Weegro (TM) 
Brand Origin: US 
Made In: China 


Busha Pants


Restocked! Angry Bird

Available Sizes
From Top Left : 
A : 80, 90, 95
B : 80, 90, 95
C : 80, 90, 95

From Bottom Left : 
D : 80, 90, 95
E : 80, 90, 95
F : 80, 90, 95


See below for more restocked design..

Baby Binder New Prints Collection

 Baby Binder New Prints Collection 

Updated 01/08/2012:
Dear Valued Customer,
Most of the design or binder set have sold out. Please, I repeat please do not place your order on sold out items.

Only these Design/Colors are available:
Cuter then Cute Baby Items 

4-7pcs barut: RM7.5/pc
8pcs above: RM7/pc

Thank you for all your supports!!

Available In 3 Sets!
Baby Blue, Baby Pink & Neutral Sets

Baby Blue Prints Set SOLD OUT
(with 3 prints and 1 solid color)


Comfy Knee & Elbow Protector

Comfy Knee & Elbow Protector

Designed for children aged between 0-4 years.  

It is colourful, comfortable, protective, inexpensive, washable, made for bare legs,  safe and hard to pull off by the kids themselves.

Made of 80% combed cotton,10% nylon, 7% spandex, 3% rubber, hence they are able to provide super soft knee protection for crawlers, toddlers and children.

By wearing these protectors, baby/toddler are freely to crawl and run on a hard surface, so the little ones are free to explore and not limited to soft compounds. Knee protection prevent the child from getting hurt physically.

Price: 12.90/set

Bossy Blue

Choco Pink

Calming Blue

Darling Red


Baby Bottle & Vegetable Cleanser

Autumnz - Baby Bottle & Vegetable Cleanser (500ml) * Best Buy*


This Natural Liquid Cleanser is formulated to wash and clean your baby's feeding accessories (milk storage bottle, breatpump parts, baby accessories), toys and also fruits/vegetables. 

Made from natural and plant-based extracts (100% Food Grade), it helps to ensure there are no traces of chemicals residue in your baby's feeding accessories, making it a safe and gentle liquid cleanser solution


100% Biodegradable
Natural & plant-based (mild vegetable-based surfactant)
No harsh caustic chemicals
FREE from LABS, Paraben, SLS, SLES, Betaine, CDE, Phosphates, Silicates, Trichlosan
No artificial fragrance & flavouring
No colouring
Gentle & safe for baby and skin
Easy rinse formula (residue free)
Ultra concentrated (cost savings - a small amount goes a long way)
Removes milk fats and stains effectively

To wash baby accessories (feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, toys) 
1) Pour 2 ml (1/2 teaspoon) of cleanser with 1 litre of water. 
2) Immerse the accessories into the solution and use a brush to clean feeding bottles and teats. 
3) Rinse well with water.

To wash fruits & vegetables 
1) Pour 1/5 teaspoon of cleanser with 5 litre of water. 
2) Immerse the fruits and vegetables for about 5 minutes. 
3) Clean and rinse thoroughly with water.

Keep out of reach of children
If accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a physician.
If come in contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult a physician.

Store in a dry place
Avoid direct sunlight

Nursing Wear 3/4 Sleeve

Nursing Wear 3/4 Sleeve

Riviera Tunic (Black)

Price: RM55.90

Vintage Tunic (Deep Brown)

Price: RM55.90

You can pair it with your jeans, legging or skirts. It's comfy and perfect for outing. Neither floaty nor fitted, you feel relaxed with this top that covers your post partum tummies as well.

Access type: Neckline access by pulling aside or downwards to access the inner lining.
Material : Outer layer - 95% Cotton 5% Spandex; Inner Stripey Lining - 95% Cotton  5% Spadex
Size :
S - bust up to 34"
M- bust up to 36"
L - bust up to 38"
XL - bust up to 40"

Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers

Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers by Autumnz

This detergent is formulated to wash cloth diapers and baby's wear. Its non-irritating and gentle for baby's sensitive skin.

Price: RM17.90

* Dye & Fragrance Free
* Enzyme Free
* No Optical Brighteners
* Phosphate Free
* Anti-bacterial
* Gentle for Sensitive Skin
* Biodegradable
* Low Residue Formula
* Ultra-Concentrated
* Safe to use with all types of baby wear and cloth diapers.
* No animal by-products.

CONTENT: 1 kg (estimated 33 full machine loads)

Autumnz - Silhouette Underbust Corset

Thinking about getting the hourglass shape that you always dreamed of ?

Don't dream too long, with this Autumnz-Underbust Corset, you'll get noticeable results quicker than you think..

Sitting just under the bust, this corset is not just a normal contouring garment that promises you the figure you desire, it offers maximum comfort with its unique soft bones and firm yet silky material.  As this smooth and breathable garment presses snugly against your body, your flesh is gently kneaded into just the right places giving you a well shaped body. The ultimate results - a visibly curvaceous and a trump card body shape with flatter tummy and slimmer waist and fuller bust shape!

Home & Car Bottle Warmer by Autumnz

Catch this sleek design bottle warmer Now..
Only At RM99/pc

 Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car
 Safe - Heats gently and gradually
 Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings
 Ideal for all types of feeds - For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature
 Fits most bottles and baby food jar - wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc
40 °C - for warming up milk and keeping warm automatically
70 °C - for warming up baby food
100 °C - for sterilising feeding accessories (e.g. feeding spoons, teethers, teats, screw rings)
  • Do not use warmer when the car is moving
  • Keep out of reach of children at all times
  • Be warned that the hot water in the warmer can cause severe burns and scalding. Please take precautions at all times.
Contents: 1 unit of warmer, 1 unit of car converter, 1 unit of heating bowl & lid
Warranty: 1 Year
 *Pls read the enclosed User & Safety Guide before using this product*


Microfiber Insert

Price: RM7/pc
10pcs : RM6.50/pc

Microfiber Insert for Baby Cloth Diaper is made of microfiber material in 3 layers with fast absorption, ideally designed to wear with Baby Cloth Diaper.

Works well in any pocket diapers or wrapped in a prefold/flat diapers.

Basic characteristics of Microfiber Inserts:
1. Material: 100% microfiber terry towel, 80% polyester 20% polyamide,
2. Super absorption, it is 5 times than normal terry towel
3. Three layers, the size is 35×15cm; the weight is about 35 grams
4. It is washable, reusable, machine washable and dryable, and fast to dry.



Clearing Up Your Cloth Diaper  Confusion?

 In today's article, I'll try my best to guide you with the things you should consider before purchasing a cloth diaper. 

 Normally before buying a cloth diaper, things that are inside our mind is to save money,  cute prints, easy to wash & we thought that it can only be a type of this nappy, with different prints or colors. After a while, we started to see terms like pocket diaper, bamboo cloth diaper, hemp, AI2, AIO, minky, fitted cloth diaper things that made you more confused. This is the reason you click on this post right?  To clear up all that question and starts ticking some type of cloth diaper and crossing other diaper.

 So, for not making you even more confused, I'll cut my introduction short and starts on how to choose the correct cloth diaper for your baby.

  Before buying a cloth nappy, things that you need to ask is:
  • Is the cloth diaper suitable for my baby's skin?
  • How can the cloth diaper size fits my baby?
  • Is the cloth diaper package comes with soaker & is it enough?
  • How if my baby is in potty training?

 The answer comes with this things to be considered:
  • Type of skin: (sensitive/normal)
  • Size: 
  • Heavy wetter: 
  • Potty training:
  • Active baby: 
1) The best solution for extra sensitive skin babies is by using material as bamboo (or bamboo charcoal), raw silk or hemp next to baby's skin as cloth diaper inner, cloth diaper liner or even insert for the AI2 (all-in-two) cloth nappies. Then use bamboo inserts to add up extra protection. This feature you could get from brands like Baby Land Bamboo or Bamboo Lite AI2.

But if your baby only have irritations or rashes due to the effect of chlorine from the disposable diaper or baby's own urine, skin next to bamboo fleece (or silk) is not so essential. You can use cloth diaper with micro fleece inner or suede cloth inner with bamboo or hemp as an insert. The bamboo insert or hemp inserts is for additional antibacterial function or extra soaking features.

2) As for size, each of the brands have their own size ranges. Some of the brands are not suitable for newborns because it is too big. Cloth diapers that is suitable for new born are, BabyLand, Papoose, ALVA & Bamboolite. Make sure you have the targeted range for potty train before using a big range size cloth diaper like Happy BUM or Weegro. It could reach nearly 18kgs but you have to consider that will your baby wear a nappy until they reach nearly 18kgs? If they do, just take the Happy BUM or Weegro it is really worth it. 

For parents that just could not figure out the right adjustment of size snaps on the diaper, one size too small the diaper become too tight but 1 size bigger it became loose. For this I strongly suggest mothers to use the TRUE FIT BambooLite. You do not need to loosen the cloth diaper size before washing, and it would be after a few months that you need to loosen the TRUE FIT band for the perfect size of your baby. The TRUE FIT Bamboo Lite ranges from 3kg (newborn) to 14kgs.

3) Heavy wetter babies need to wear double inserts all the time for the range of 5 to 6 hour diapering time. But, for extra absorbent, hemp inserts are the best. Because of its oily features for the 1st few washes, do not mix wash it with other type of insert. It is better to wash it separately with hot water for the 1st few pre-wash stages. After that, you can wash the hemp material with others without any problem. Combination of hemp + microfibre inserts (or hemp + bamboo) could reach 10 to 11 hours for normal wetters and there are so many customers feedback that saying 
"Amazing, there are no more leaks". The hemp + microfibre insert combination comes as a package in the Happy BUM package. 

4) As for potty training, the best is to use the ZigieZag pull-up pants. When toddlers can start telling that they have to go (for wee wee or some other terms), you can train them by saying "You can take off your pants", creating toddlers a mind set of he or she is wearing a pant, and not a diaper (and they will get into trouble if they wet their pant or spilling 'something' on mother's carpet.. Really BIG trouble.)

The pull-up is also suitable for parents that do not like fussy diapers that needs to snaps or straps here & there. Unlike normal cloth diapers that needs to lay baby down for wearing, the pull-up is easy to wear even while our toddler is standing. This is great for travelling. No need to find extra space for changing nappies. 

5) Active babies are in two terms, babies while in active activities such as swimming or really ACTIVE babies. While swimming, babies or toddlers could wear the ZigieZag Show Off & Swim (ZigieZag SOS) collection without using any inserts. The ZigieZag SOS also can be used during normal days on regular basis but with extra feature that it can be worn during swimming activities. (really fashionable & cute prints)

For babies that are really ACTIVE, you can use the snaps button for the waist tightener and not using the velcro. Why? First, the velcro zapping sound only would attract your child to take off the diaper without your supervision and secondly the snaps button is little bit harder for those tiny hands to play with snap on & off. Trust me, the last thing you want to be messing around your floor apart from the toys, papers, color pencils & crayons, are the things inside the nappy. I am brave enough to say that everybody will agree with me on this.. :)

Hope this article will help you a little.. You can click all the links in the articles for more information & better product view..
Thank you.. :) 


Bamboo Fleece Liner

CONVERT your Normal Cloth Diaper to a 
Hygenic & Antibacterial Function Cloth Diaper  
With These 

Bamboo Velour Cloth Diaper Liner

"It works the same" as 
Bamboo Cloth Diapers

only at RM8/pc

Grab 1 set of 5pcs
at only RM35/set



Momiji Heavy, Medium & Small Cloth Pads

Your Super Active Life Will Not Be The Same Again..  

Have A Huge Smile During Your Heavy Flow Days

With This Extra Comfortable 

Momiji Heavy Pads.. 

Get This Washable Cloth Pad That Comes With not 1pc But 2pcs/pack..

Only for RM50/pack.. 


- For Heavy Flow Days

- Suitable For Outdoor, Office & School

- Foldable To Cute Square Pads with Double Adjustable Buttons

- Leak Proof and With High Absorbent Material
- Very Soft 100% Cotton Flannel Material

Size: W22.5 x H27cm

Color: 4 Cute Designs/Colors

Available in 2 Pads Pack


Grab This Cute, Green Friendly & Hygenic

Momiji Medium Cloth Pads 


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