Bon Bebe Baby Socks

 Baby Socks 

Ready Stock

Price: RM30/set
Each set has 6 pairs 

High Quality socks

Size: 0-12months baby

Material: Cotton


Cute Japan Backpack Bag

Cute Japan Backpack Bag

Ready Stock

New! Penguin

Brand: Linda Linda
Price: RM40/pc 
Now Only RM35/pc
Buy 2 units RM30/pc

Design Available: Black Cat, Duck, Turtle,  Short Cake, Penguin,  and Pink Bear

Please fill up Order Form and state design and units


Barut Baby: All Sold Out

Barut Baby (Baby Binder) 

Please do not order.

With Designer Printed Flannel
Specially For Your Newborn Little Cutie Pie...

Material: Cotton Flannel Bercorak & Cotton Flannel Plain Color
Saiz (Medium) : 18" x 5.3"
Jenis: Zap On (Velcro) / Bertali

Baby Boy Set:  All Sold Out
Baby Girl Set: All Sold Out
Neutral Set: All Sold Out

At Only:
(1set of 4pcs)

New Designs for Neutral Set
(Each Set has 1 plain Color & 3 printed designs)
Can pick and choose any of these for your neutral set.

 Jungle Friends - SOLD OUT

  Colourful Snowflakes on white - SOLD OUT

Baby Toys Prints - SOLD OUT

WeeWoodland ABC on Cream - SOLD OUT

Zoo Animals on White - SOLD OUT
Plain Colors
Solid Brown - SOLD OUT

 Solid Baby Yellow  - SOLD OUT

Solid Light Green - SOLD OUT

Note: We can only send out your order on baby binder after 2 days when we have received your full payment. Thank you.


Step by Step: Strip Washing Cloth Diapers

How To Strip Wash Cloth Diaper

Good Day Mommies,

Kali ni Ummi nak post something juga mgnai 'strip washing' cloth diaper ni.. 


Dari masa ke masa, kita akan dapati cloth diapers yang sering kita gunakan akan mula berbau walaupun baru je lepas buat cucian.. Jangan risau bukan maksudnye cloth diapers yg kite baru cuci tak bersih tapi ini disebabkan oleh mendapan sabun dan minyak pada fabrik cloth diapers. Mendapan ni bukan saja akan memberi bau tapi juga boleh mengurangkan daya serapan terutamanya pada insert. Mommies boleh hilangkan atau sekurang-kurangnya kurangkan bau dan mendapan tersebut dengan membuat strip wash yang mudah. Berikut beberapa langkah mudah yang boleh mommies jadikan panduan:

Step 1: Isikan washing machine anda dengan HOT water (rasa dengan tanagn panas) dan bukan BOILED water (nak bg accurate suhu tak pernah pulak ukur). Biasenya sy akan set sebagai Full Loading.

Step 2: Masukkan cloth diapers yang ingin dicuci dan biarkan mesin start cycle dalam 2-3 minit.

Step 3: Kemudian masukkan sedikit (dalam 1 sudu teh) sabun cuci pinggan (jenis liquid) ke dalam cucian. Pastikan sabun cuci pinggan anda tidak mengandungi bleach atau agen pelembut (mcm pelembut tangan dsbgnya).

Step 4: Biarkan berpusing selama 2-3 minit.

Step 5: Masukkan lagi 1 sudu kecil sabun cuci pinggan

Step 6: Ulang step 4 dan step 5 sampai anda rasa sabun yang dimasukkan cukup untuk mencuci semua cloth diapers. Jangan masukkan sabun yang banyak dalam satu-satu masa sebab tak nak keluar bubbles yang banyak.

Step 7: Bila cucian pusingan pertama selesai, ulang cucian untuk pusingan kedua dan ketiga (tapi tak perlu lah letak sabun lagi) atau sehingga tak ada buih lagi yg dikeluarkan.

Step 8: Lakukan extra rinse dan tambahkan sedikit cuka ke dalam cucian to remove all build up residue from cloth diapers. Sekarang stripping is done! Your diapers should come out like a brand new hehe....

Mudah kan?!!

Selamat Membuat Strip Wash Mommies!!


Laundry Net/Washing Bag

Laundry Net/Washing Bag

Big Laundry Net: Available
Price: RM7/pc

Product Size: 50cm x 60cm
Material: Polyester

Small Laundry Net: Available
Price: RM5/pc

Product Size: 30cm x 40cm
Material: Polyester

  • Nice soft mesh bag with zipper
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Protect the garment from wrapping around in the washing machine
It is recomended to use Laundry Bag while washing your cloth diaper to ensure longer durability.


Papoose Velcro

Papoose Velcro

Now you can mix with babyland buttons!

Get your own Papoose Velcro Cloth Diaper

Only RM27/pc with 2 inserts..


Let's Save With Little Precious Garden Package Deal

Beli 2pcs Papoose velcro diapers with 4 Inserts
and get FREE 1pcs washable liners (plain color)  
only at RM50.00


Nursing Cover

'Nursing Cover'
for Breast Feeding Moms.. 

 Now you can nurse your baby in public and in style with breastfeeding cover designed specially for nursing moms. It provides breastfeeding moms security and comfort while nursing in public. The open-neck design allows moms to keep an eye on baby during breastfeeding and throughout the nursing process, keeping baby and mom cool & comfortable

Now Available 
Update: 5 March 2013

Size: 90cm (panjang) x 66cm (labuh)

 New! Product code: Jasmine

 New! Product code: Dahlia - sold out

 New! Product code: Delila

New! Product code: Iris 

Product code: Nawar : SOLD OUT

Product code: Kamelia : SOLD OUT

 Product code: Aisley


Plain Color - Wet Bag

Wet Bag
Plain Color 

Price: RM24/pc

  •  Available colors: Yellow, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Royal Blue and Green
  • Size: 30 cm x 39 cm
  • Can fit 6-7 diapers  
  •  Zipper closure to ensure any unwanted smells stay where they belong - in the bag.
  • A convenient wrist strap for you to hang while doing changing of diapers


Printed Wet Bag

Printed Wet Bag
In Stock!
  • Size: 30 cm x 35 cm
  • Can fit 5-6pcs diapers  
  •  Zipper closure to ensure any unwanted smells stay where they belong - in the bag.
  • A convenient wrist strap for you to hang while doing changing of diapers
Only At:

It comes with 5 Adorable Designs!


Bamboo Charcoal Insert

Bamboo Charcoal Insert

only at RM12.00

Bamboo inserts:
2 layer:  100% bamboo charcoal materials.
3 layers: 100% microfiber materials

 1. Super absorption, it is 5 times than normal material terry towel
 2. 3 layers, the size is 35x14cm; 
 3. It is easy to clear, washable, reusable, machine washable and fast to dry
 4. Antibacterial.

Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal:
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal - Bamboo-charcoal retains the natural antibacterial and antifungal traits of natural bamboo. It is also a bacteriostatic material: it inhibits bacterial metabolism, and causes fewer allergic skin reaction than other fibers sterilized with antimicrobial agents.
  • De-odorizing - Bamboo-charcoal has a porous structure similar to that found in charcoal gas filters. Thus, it absorbs and decomposes benzene, phenol, methyl alcohol, and other harmful substances.
  • Breathable and dry - Bamboo-charcoal yarn has a cross-section filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, hence compared to other conventional fabric; it has better moisture absorption and ventilation. The products can absorb and disperse sweat fast, making them feel dry and comfortable. They also do not stick to skin on hot summer days. 
  • Thermal regulation - Due to the porous nature of bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal products not only feel dry during hot days, but they are also excellent insulators against the cold.
  • Absorption and emission of Far Infrared Energy - Bamboo-charcoal nano particles can absorb far infrared energy from the environment, and emit it to help cell activation, promotes blood circulation and general health in the long run.
  • Prevent static electricity buildup - As bamboo-charcoal nano particles are conductive, their presence in the fiber helps Eco-fabric prevent charge buildup. As a result, a wearer of bamboo charcoal products will not experience static shocks even in dry conditions.
  • Green - Using bamboo charcoal is not made with harmful chemicals, and so causes few if any allergic reactions.
  • Wash Durable - As the bamboo-charcoal nano particles are embedded in the fabric rather than simply coated on their surface, Bamboo charcoal product is washable without diminished effectiveness of the charcoal powder's special qualities, even after 50 washes.


Tudung Syria Pelbagai Fesyen

Tudung Syria Cerut Bermanik

 Code: 71024


Restock : Busha Playpants for Baby & Toddler

Baby Legging Pants

Very cute, very comfy, stretchable and great to wear with any shirts..

Islam In Rhymes

Islam In Rhymes is a collection of twenty rhymes, each illustrated in full color. 

Based on traditional English nursery rhymes, this collection is intended to inculcate awareness of Islamic values and develop a sense of Muslim self-confidence in young children. 


Happy Bum Cloth Diaper (S to XL) !

Happy BUM Cloth Diapers  

Specially for your little cutie pie...

This adjustable pocket diaper ranges from
3kg to 18kgs!
(S to XL !)

only at RM39/pc..

3 New Designs

Cute Monkey  SOLD OUT  
New Dino  - Available in  velcro 
Cupcakes  SOLD OUT 

A -  Monkey Banana  - SOLD OUT
B -  Sweet Bunny   Available in snaps 
C -  Zoo On Ice  SOLD OUT  
D -  Lovely Frogy   SOLD OUT
E -  Lovely Candy SOLD OUT

NEW ! Baby Land Cloth Diaper Printed Version

New Printed Design 2011 ! 

BabyLand Cloth Diaper 

Get this latest printed design cloth diaper from BabyLand 2011 !

Only at RM28/pc 
RM27/pc !!

not only this..

Cara Guna Pocket Cloth Diaper

 Ini adalah cara untuk menggunakan One Size pocket cloth diaper sebelum dipakaikan kepada baby.

  • Bagi mama yang baru nak mengenali cloth diaper, yang di tengah-tengah tu dipanggil cloth diaper pant, yang sebelah kiri dan berwarna putih tu dipanggil insert manakala di sebelah kanan yang berwarna merah tu pulak dipanggil liner (washable).
  • Insert tidak mempunyai gel seperti yang terdapat dalam disposable diaper (dd). Insert biasanya diperbuat daripada 3 lapisan fabrik yg dipanggil microfiber.
  • Bagi penggunaan kali pertama saja mama perlu 'adjust' dulu saiz cloth diaper, jika mahu saiz S, M atau L. Bila nk cuci setting saiz itu tak perlu dibuka, biar mcm tu sj... Jadi lain kali, mama tak perlu adjust size lagi cuma masukkan insert dan pakaikan pada si manja :)
  • Cara untuk setting size:


TERMA & SYARAT Pembelian

Semua item yang dijual di Little Precious Garden adalah brand new dan ready stock kecuali dinyatakan sebaliknya.

Pesanan: Untuk pesanan, sila isi borang order form di sebelah atas kanan blog atau nyatakan
Nama Penuh:
No. Tel:
Detail Item:
(jenis item mommies minati, saiz, kuantiti)
dan hantarkan kepada

Harga: Semua harga tidak termasuk kos penghantaran kecuali dinyatakan.

Item: Penghantaran akan terus dibuat pada hari bekerja seterusnya setelah pembayaran disahkan serta stok order juga disahkan..

Kami memberi jaminan 100% kepuasan pelanggan bahawa barangan yang di hantar adalah bebas dari sebarang kerosakan semasa penghantaran barangan dibuat. Kami menerima pemulangan barangan dari pelanggan yang dihantar semula kepada kami 3 hari dari tarikh anda menerima barangan dan tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat berikut :

  • Kesilapan penghantaran barangan atau barangan rosak (bukan disebabkan oleh proses penghantaran pos) dan
  • Barangan dipulangkan kepada kami sebagaimana keadaan asal barangan tersebut

Kami akan memulangkan semula wang anda 100% beserta dengan kos menghantar balik (melalui pos) kepada kami jika terbukti kesilapan berpunca dari pihak kami dan memenuhi syarat-syarat diatas. Anda boleh memulangkan barangan tersebut ke alamat kami.

(Barangan yang tidak rosak dan tiada kesilapan semasa penghantaran adalah tidak boleh dipulangkan semula)

All sales are final. Goods sold are not exchangeable or refundable.

Item yang Rosak: Semua item telah diperiksa. Pihak Little Precious Garden tidak akan bertanggungjawab ke atas sebarang kerosakan item selepas penghantaran dibuat. Thus, lost item is at buyer's risk.

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